Revolutionary Business Strategy

Growing Shareholder Value with Value Driven Operational Projects

“Success is not down to the sophistication of the business strategy but to the brilliance with which a simple strategy is executed”

Is it time to stand back and think about the future?

Every business needs to plan for the future but few make the time to do this properly. I have worked with many clients to assist them in developing their future strategy and more importantly give them the management tools to successfully implement their strategy.

The Key Strategic elements which I aim to develop with each client are:

  • Developing a workable vision by understanding the needs and aspirations of the business stakeholders
  • Offering customers a value proposition that meets all their key requirements
  • Aligning what the business does with what the customer really wants
  • Balancing the People in the business with the Processes of the Business to deliver the vision
  • Leverage the abilities of any strategy’s fiercest critics – those who work in the business

Key features of my methodology are:

  • Integrated process from Initial planning meeting through to final Action Plan.
  • Interactive software based mind mapping techniques to harvest information, sort and mange the outputs and ensure clear feedback to all participants.
  • Real time, highly visual & inclusive techniques for developing themes and strategies.
  • Fast and efficient assessment tools to identify Strengths & Limitations of individuals.
  • Inclusive Programme Management system which is available to all participants 24/7 giving access to all outputs, team member contributions, milestones, tasks and current progress.

Key benefits for your team:

  • Creates an open and dynamic atmosphere for the strategy development process.
  • Ensures involvement and participation of all team members throughout the process.
  • Stimulates discussion and generation of ideas.
  • Builds a strong ‘team environment’ through recognition of personal and team strengths and weaknesses.


Excellent Execution!

Developing the right strategy is only the beginning!

The most important aspect of the process is putting the strategy into practice. The first step is getting all your people on board by telling where you plan to take the business and what part they will play. Second step is to have a well managed implementation plan which is dynamic, inclusive and visible to all involved.

I will ensure you have the business tools to help you and your team implement a successful strategy.

Innovative Programme Management

The areas which I believe are critical to the successful management of the programme are:

  • Good forward planning with a clear Roadmap for all participants
  • Excellent Communication Meeting Management
  • Prompt reporting (action plans, minutes, metrics etc)
  • Progress Chasing
  • Transparency of project progress for all participants

My approach is to provide strong and visible project management. I use an Online Project Management System for each client which will maintain all elements of the project on one central system and allow participants access to the appropriate level of information. Key features of this system are:

  • Milestones (dates & responsibilities) asks (dates & responsibilities)
  • Documents (posted and available online)
  • Collaboration via Conversations
  • Email reminders to participants of milestones and tasks
  • Email updates to participants to flag when new information added
  • All minutes, workshop outputs, ongoing action plans, metrics etc will be posted within this system to ensure that all parties are working from the same data and to provide the base data for managing tasks (particularly for clients) over the duration of the programme.

If you would like to explore this programme further then please contact me for a chat and we can discuss how this can work for your business.

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