Frequently Asked Questions

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What's Business Coaching?

Business Coaching gives you access to an experienced business person who understands the challenges you face in developing a successful business. You have someone who will support you, listen to your business problems, inspire you, motivate you, and help find solutions to grow your business and its profitability. You will reach your goals much more quickly when you can tap into business knowledge whenever you require. Most of all you will no longer be alone in running your business.

What do I get?

My Business Coaching service lets you contact me whenever you require to discuss any aspect of your business. We will also schedule meetings online to tackle specific problems or projects. To make sure we keep track of everything you will have access to your own Project Account which will contain everything we work on as well as ‘To Do Lists’, Calendar, Messages etc etc. Above all the work we do is tailored to your business requirements – it is NOT an ‘off the shelf’ package.

How does it work?

Face to face coaching is great but the big drawback is the cost! I am using the latest technology to create a ‘Face to Face Experience’ but without the cost. All our ‘meetings’ will take place on line where we can see each other, we can share documents, presentations, reports etc.  We can also use Apple FaceTime to do ‘walk throughs’ of your business to see things in action. Add in email, text, phone and we can talk whenever necessary.

Is there a contract?

Your only commitment is for 1 month at a time – you can stop at any time or keep going as long as you require. Typically my clients get most value from an ongoing relationship but you need to judge that for yourself. Apart from that we would work in line with the Terms & Conditions as published on this website.

Will it suit my business?

My Business Coaching is suitable for any business whether you work alone or are the CEO with a team of fellow directors. My approach allows you to tailor everything to suit your business needs. We can work one to one for some aspects and then have team involvement for others.

Can my team be involved?

I would always encourage getting your team involved. This can be for everything we do or for certain elements of our work. My on-line systems make it easy to arrange meetings with your entire team no matter where each of them are so it maximises your teams’ effectiveness and time management. Really useful if your team is based in different locations.

Is it the same program for everyone?

My Business Coaching is different for every client. I do not impose a standard approach or content on our work. We assess your business needs together and you are in the driving seat as far as activity is concerned. Remember a big part of our relationship is the access you have to me as you require it even if only for a brief chat.

How do I know you're the right coach for me?
The only way you will know if I’m the coach for you is to get in touch and let us have an initial no obligation chat. We’ll soon find out if we can work together!

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