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30 years an entrepreneur

I’m George Moug

Director of  ‘Complete Business Coaching’ and I work personally with all clients.

I’m an Executive Business Coach and I will work with you to help you improve your business performance and help you build a sustainable approach to running your business as it grows and prospers.

I have been in business a long time! I’ve been through the ‘corporate climb’ to the position of Chief Executive and run some size-able businesses and gained wide experience along the way.

I’ve run my own business as a Management Consultant and Executive Business Coach since 1997and have worked with many clients in a wide variety of business sectors over that time.

If you choose to work with me I can promise you commitment, enthusiasm and a passion for business that I believe will inspire you to achieve more. I will challenge and support you and will consistently with you set actions and milestones to ensure progress and success that can be measured.

You will have complete access to my Skills and Business Experience gained from over 30 years of ‘hands on’ profit responsibility.

We will cover all aspects of your business and work together to identify and implement practical strategies for your business. You can read more about my take on what business coaching is all about right here….

But never forget that you will be in the driving seat – our work together will at all times be tailored to your business needs and aspirations!

Learn more about my Business Experience and Coaching Experience or Contact Me for an informal discussion on your business needs.


Here’s my story:

In the Beginning

I spent the first half of my career in the Corporate World with a big chunk of that time being responsible for the overall performance of businesses as Managing Director.

It’s also true to say that the businesses I took on were in need of some tlc!

Riches to Rags to Riches!

My first big challenge came when I joined a textile manufacturer and retailer as Finance Director. The business had just had its best year ever and everyone was riding high on this success so I thought this was a great opportunity to join a successful and growing business.

Within a month of  joining the business the then Managing Director died in a tragic accident and weeks after that hostilities broke out in the Middle East. You might wonder why that would be relevant but the fact was that the majority of our retail business came from Overseas Visitors to the United Kingdom, especially visitors from USA.

As soon as hostilities started US visitors to Europe cancelled their travel plans in huge numbers, the dollar exchange rate moved dramatically against purchases in the UK and guess what? – our business had its worst ever year!

These events revealed the true strengths and weaknesses in our business and unfortunately what I saw was not a pretty picture.

It became apparent that to survive we had to either sell off the business or start thinking much bigger and go for significant growth.

I was right behind the growth route and within a few months had identified a potential acquisition which I reckoned was under-performing and which we could add to our business and radically improve our overall profitability. That acquisition was quickly followed by another by which time we were 4 times bigger than the day I joined.

Our profits were up and as the new Managing Director, I had developed a highly motivated team which was driving the business and its profits. Our investors were happy but as is the way of the corporate world they saw an opportunity to cash in while the business was on a high and sold the business to a competitor for a healthy sum!

Time to Move On!

So I started again with another opportunity – this time in furniture manufacture and retailing where the business was just breaking even and needed to be re-vitalised.

This was a very competitive market place and it was vital that we punched above our weight if we were going to thrive. Our ability to develop creative marketing solutions was our secret weapon!

If you’ve purchased a sofa recently you’ll know how much choice and offers are out there – the trick for the retailer is getting their name and offer to stand out from the crowd.

We were very successful at developing marketing and promotions that brought customers through the doors and backed that up with great product offers and a skilled sales-force to close the deal.

During my time as Managing Director we achieved significant organic growth and extended our geographic reach through a joint venture.

Flying Solo

By this time I had reached the half way point in my career and reckoned it was time to stand on my own two feet so waved goodbye to the guaranteed salary, the bonuses, the company car etc etc and took the plunge into running my own consulting business.

For the last 15 years I have been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic clients covering an amazing range of business sizes and types but all with one thing in common – they all knew they could do much better and knew that taking on some outside help would get them to their goals much faster than going it alone.


So why work with me?

One of the key attributes of a Business Growth Coach is actually having ‘been there and done it’ – without that you will only be getting theories and in the competitive world of business you need someone who knows the ‘tricks of the trade’ not someone who makes them up as they go along.

Would you choose a Driving Instructor who couldn’t drive a car themselves? So you need a Business Coach who has ‘driven a business’ – a coach who has had overall responsibility (as MD or CEO) is vital to your business success – no disrespect to those who have held other positions in business but their experience limits their ability to help you across all aspects of your business.

After 30 + years in business I think I can genuinely offer you practical experience of most business problems and situations.

If you’ve been to any business training seminars (especially the big ‘motivational’ ones) you might be asking if I run this type of training – the answer is a definite no! Early on in my career I would attend these events and of course you come away buzzed with all sorts of ideas – the problem is that the buzz quickly disappears and you find yourself back in the real world and before you know it a month (or 2 or 3) has passed and you’ve kind of lost enthusiasm for all the good ideas you came back with.

It took me a while to realise that good ideas are useless without the means and the discipline to implement them in your business – which is where my coaching and follow up will help you get the results you are after by keeping you focused on the execution of your ideas and plans.

My focus when coaching, is on the things that drive growth and profitability – I don’t cover Legal, HR, Health & Safety or any other of the necessary evils of running a business (as there are plenty of specialists out there for these things) – I stick to the things that help you build your sales, your margins and your profits!


Best Wishes


George Moug

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